13 Hatmarim St., Eilat

13 Hatmarim St., Eilat
Hatmarim 13, Eilat


Located in the heart of of the eternal sun city of Eilat, - within walking distance of all the major entertainment and tourist attractions, on the land where Eilat’s mythological and nostalgic Benny Ventzer photography studio, once stood, Yossi Avrahami Co. is creating another piece of history - the Hatmarim 13 project.



The Hatmarim 13 project in the city of Eilat, is a Eight-floor apartment building with 64 apartments of various sizes.  The project is of the highest quality and the product of unique architectural planning - as befits the Yossi Avrahami Co. tradition.


The clever and meticulous planning of the apartments makes optimal use of available space and provides maximum privacy for all the building’s residents.  All of this is designed to enable the project’s residents enjoy their new, spacious and pampering homes along with a winning location, close to the city’s business and entertainment centers, and looking out onto the breathtaking vista of the Red Sea and its mountains.


Immaculate apartments in a variety of sizes, each of which has been individually tailored, down to the last detail, await you at the Hatmarim 13 project.  This combines with a rich technical specification, which has been carefully selected to ensure you the perfect living experience.


It’s all about quality of life!

With experience spanning more than four decades, more than 4,000 happy families, and projects from Haifa in the north, via Tel Aviv in the center, to Eilat in the south, as well as hundreds of infrastructure and development projects, Yossi Avrahami Co. continues to realize its dream to build quality-of-life experiences for families, throughout Israel, while retaining the values etched in the Company’s modus operandi - reliability, professionalism and service orientation.


The Company’s employees will provide you with everything you need including personal attention throughout your purchasing experience, starting at the planning stage, through the choice of products for the apartment and ending in the receipt of the key.  They will answer all your questions, meet all your requests after you have taken occupancy of the apartment, and be available for you to discuss and satisfy all your needs. 



At the end of the day, what matters most to us is that you come home to enjoy an enriched and pampering residential environment– in precisely the way that something that was expertly designed especially for you, should.

It starts with the large stylish kitchen that will allow you to host the entire family next time there is a festive meal, to the spacious living rooms where the children can play and prepare their homework, and continues through to the large balconies with their breathtaking view of the Red Sea, which is what you will wake up to every morning.


Hatmarim 13 - because home is not just a location, it’s a feeling.



Project Specification

This specification is in principle only – and may be changed. The company will be bound solely by the specifications and contract signed between it and the buyer.


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13 Hatmarim St., Eilat

Hatmarim 13, Eilat

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