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We at Yossi Avrahami are proud of the extensive experience we have accumulated in the initiating, planning and construction of more than 4,000 residential units and dozens of infrastructure and development projects. Our company has executed civil engineering works for leading organizations and parties, such as government institutions and municipal authorities, as well as developing prestigious projects for our private customers.

 Over the years, the company's activities have focused primarily on construction of residential projects along  Israel's coastline: Tel Aviv, Netanya, southern Israel, and Eilat in particular. All our projects are characterized by prime locations, innovative architectural design and an emphasis on a high-quality environment.

 At Yossi Avrahami, a satisfied customer is our foremost goal and a measure of our success, and so our customer relations are based on three central elements: reliability, professionalism and service.

Projects being marketed

Golf Gold
Golf Gold View Project
13 Hatmarim St., Eilat
13 Hatmarim St., Eilat View Project
Sea Side – Eilat
Sea Side – Eilat View Project
Turquoise – Haifa
Turquoise – Haifa View Project
The Philharmonic – north Tel Aviv
The Philharmonic – north Tel Aviv View Project
Noga 1 – Jaffa-Tel Aviv
Noga 1 – Jaffa-Tel Aviv View Project
View – Tel Aviv
View – Tel Aviv View Project
Residence du Golf – Eilat
Residence du Golf – Eilat View Project
Park Yam VIP Boutique – Eilat
Park Yam VIP Boutique – Eilat View Project
Park Yam 10 – Eilat
Park Yam 10 – Eilat View Project

Yossi Avrahami

Yossi Avrahami was born in 1958 in Kiryat Gat to a family of 12. He now has four children and five grandchildren. At the age of 21 he opened his own business for infrastructure and construction work for large organizations, including government institutions and municipal authorities. Over the years, he has developed and expanded the company, and entered the field of real estate development and construction of residential apartments. Over its 40 years of operations, the construction company has gained repute throughout the country.

Populated Projects

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